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Welcome Guests – Jambo!
In Canada, accredited zoos and aquariums attract close to nine million visitors each year. African Lion Safari was a founding member (in 1975) of the Canadian Association of Zoological Parks and Aquarium’s, now known as Canada’s Accredited Zoos and Aquariums (CAZA). Our wildlife farm provides a unique viewing opportunity for visitors to see, hear, touch and learn about, and from, different species of animals with which they may otherwise never come in contact. Our goal is to encourage emotional connections between guests and these majestic creatures in our care, and inspire a new generation of conservationists to help fashion a future more sustainable than the present.

African Lion Safari® is a privately owned company which receives no government funding or subsidies. Guests purchasing tickets to our wildlife farm fund our ongoing efforts in our breeding programmes, research projects and conservation of wildlife both here at the park and in their range countries.

We are extremely proud of the international reputation African Lion Safari has earned for excellence in the care, management and breeding of many endangered species, both birds and animals. Our dedicated staff play an integral part in the success of African Lion Safari’s conservation and breeding initiatives. They bring their unique skills, years of experience and commitment to ensure our animals receive the best care possible.

African Lion Safari is recognized internationally for its breeding programmes for rare and endangered species as well as for its efforts to support conservation of wildlife worldwide. Many ground breaking research projects in the fields of animal welfare, reproduction, behaviour, nutrition and conservation have been initiated at African Lion Safari. The knowledge gained from this research has contributed to a better understanding of our natural world.

African Lion Safari consults worldwide and supports in-situ projects such as species reintroduction for the Eastern Loggerhead shrike, Burrowing owl, Ferruginous hawk, and Barn owl. Our animal management staff travel worldwide to provide training and support to help improve conservation, management and welfare of many species, including elephants. Our efforts in providing technical training in elephant husbandry and welfare, data collection, community relations and conservation education have met with some success. We all need to do more!

As our guests, we strive to ensure your day “On Safari” was enjoyable and educational, gaining a better appreciation of the animals in our care. It is our sincere hope that your visit to African Lion Safari inspires you to support and help conserve the world’s wildlife and wild places.

Thank you for visiting!

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